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"I strongly recommend using Innovative Web Solutions of New Orleans for any website development projects you are considering. Their team is well versed in several CMS applications and graphical design. You will not be disappointed when they join your team to create a project of your dreams."

Cory Boatright


Client Spotlight

Chi Evolution
CHI Evolution

Based in Portland, Oregon, Chi Evolution is a major supplier of salt products, such as salt lamps and salt tea lights, and other alternative health products.

The Chi Evolution website is the perfect example of the Web Maintenance capability of IWS. Although IWS did not originally design or develop the website, we have completed layout overhauls that haved improved the website's usability and functionality, inserted additional content on existing pages, and have created entirely new pages for the website. We continually work with Chi Evolution to improve their website and to update existing content.

Please visit to browse their website, or visit our portfolio to see more example projects.